Friday, 30 March 2012

Have Success on eBay with your Business: 10 Tips

The time has arrived.  The time is now.  This is the moment to succeed on eBay.

Make money online, make money from home.

As an eBay Trading Assistant, I have bought and sold thousands of items on eBay.   Over 10 years I have learnt what works and what does not work.

Here are my secrets. FREE.

You can succeed on eBay and make money too!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hubs Weekly Update: Week 1

My weekly update just received from HubPages

As at 29th March 2012, day 12 into my challenge:

HUB VIEWS310HubPages Weekly 152.6%
PROFILE VIEWS71HubPages Weekly 118.9%

What does placenta taste like?

Not a question you get asked every day is it? Placenta..what does it taste like?  Ask many women who have just given birth and they will be able to answer you.

eating placenta, what does placenta taste like
The practice of eating your placenta is real and exists.  It is apparently very healthy. Apparently I say as I cannot vouch for it myself.   If eating it is not your cup of tea, have you considered planting it?

To find out what placenta tastes like and some placenta recipes, read all about it on my hub.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Home made playdough and creative uses

Children love playdough.  It brings out creativity and laughter and lots of crazy looking animals of all shapes and sizes.

Playdough can cost a lot of money, however with this very simple home made recipe you can make playdough today, in any colour your child wants, and let their imagination run wild.
playdough, playdough recipe

If you don't like the idea of food colouring I have also provided some great ways to make your own colours plus some great hints and tips for the kids to build upon.

Chocolate is poisonous for dogs

Chocolate is poisonous for dogs.  Full stop.

Yes they may love it, but the range of health issues that can present purely by feeding a dog, or any pet in the home, chocolate is enormous.

And unfortunately can lead to death!

Chocolate at easter time is everywhere and no other time of the year is it more critical that we care for our four-legged friends.

If you have young children around you need to keep and extra close eye on them.  They most likely will not understand the dangers of feeding chocolate is.

If you want to feed your pet a chocolate-like treat there are lots of alternatives including carob.  Why not try some of these incredible dog friendly treat recipes too!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Bottle Alternative: Vapur Anti-Bottle

We all drink water.  We all carry a water bottle of some kind with us where ever we go.  If not us, then our children.

Whether we walk with a pram, pack some in a school bag, in our briefcase or in our car, water is with us.

Then there is the dreaded empty bottles that lay around.  If you are like me you find them everywhere.

Luckily I found this. The Vapur bottle.  It is the ultimate water bottle alternative.

Not only is is clever with its clip meaning you can clip it to anything; your gym bag, pram, handbag, golf bag... BUT it is BPA free and when empty it rolls up flat meaning you no longer have a clumsy bottle to carry with you.

This is a wonderful invention.  We should all drink more water for our health.

How to select an eBay Trading Assistant?

eBay, make money online, eBay trading assistantFinding an eBay Trading Assistant is not that straight forward.  Sure it is easy to locate someone nearby to your home or office.  But finding someone you can trust is a much greater task.

As an eBay Trading Assistant myself I know all about what attributes are key to being successful.

If you want to know what an eBay Trading Assistant is and how you can 'employ' one to help you succeed on eBay, you must read my essential guide.  

Increase your fans on Facebook - Do Like Ladders Work?

how to get more fans on facebook, like ladders on facebook
With the growing number of people turning to social media to build a home based business, it is no wonder that the likes of Facebook like ladders or Facebook tagging sessions are so popular.

The theory goes that the more likes (or fans) one has on their business page on Facebook the more business you will generate and the more money to be made.

True? Maybe, maybe not.   Do like ladders work?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Is the art of letter writing fading?

We live in a world of growing technology.  We can send messages in a blink of an eye.  No matter what side of the world we live, we can communicate in an instant.

What a wonderful invention technology is.

However do people write letters anymore?

The art of letter writing is fading.  Our children are missing out on such a wonderful legacy.

Are they failing to learn how to spell properly with the existence of auto-spell checking functions?

Do you remember how lovely it was to receive a hand written letter in the mail?  Many people would still be holding onto old shoe boxes full of lovely written notes tied with ribbons.  I know I do.   Reminisce about letter writing with me.

Update: This Hub has just won the HubNugget Accolade on HubPages. An award for writing.

Business Etiquette - Is it relevant today?

business etiquette
In this highly competitive world, having the knowledge of life and business skills under your belt is surely the key to having you stand out from the crowd.

But is business etiquette still relevant in the 21st century?

Do you know how to conduct yourself in a business environment? How to introduce yourself to senior members within your company? What are your table manners?  With this easy to understand Business Etiquette guide you will be able to stand up and be counted.

Pluto is no longer a planet

planets in our solar system, pluto, pluto is no longer a planet
How many planets are there in our solar system? Can you name all the planets?  Unfortunately you would be wrong if you named Pluto.

Pluto WAS a planet in our solar system but has been re-classified.  This is a ground breaking discovery has taken one of our beloved planets, Pluto, out of the mix leaving only 8 planets in our solar system.

Find out all about the visit to Pluto, its reclassification as a dwarf planet and more all here on why pluto is no longer a planet.

When is World Water Day?

world water day, water saving
With the cost of living on the rise and the cost of water skyrocketing, being water wise is key.  There are many gadgets, tools and machines on the market to introduce into your home to help save water, but they all cost money.

How about water saving ideas that save you money without spending money?  Well do I have news for you.

In honour of World Water Day, let's take a look at the most water-draining areas of our home and how we can do our bit to save water and save money at the same time.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Accolade: 10 Hubs Successfully Published

Just received a fantastic note of encouragement from HubPages.  My first accolade!

I was congratulated for publishing 10 Hubs.  Today is 24th March, which means I have only been here 7 days but have 10 hubs under my belt.   This means I am running ahead of schedule.

10 Hubs down, 90 to go with 93 days to go

No time to talk..must get hubbing.

Feeling inspired? Come and join me.

Until next time.

What is your point of difference?

Trying to invent a product or a service to allow you to earn money from home, make money online and be successful is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Just when you think you have found the most incredible idea, you soon find out someone has already been there and done that.

But don't let that stop you.  You just need to find your point of difference.  What sets you apart from everyone else?  Is there only one painter in the world? Or only one clothing designer? No. There are hundreds, thousands.  They all do the same thing, technically, but differently. They have a point of difference.  Find you point of difference using my hints and tips and you are on the way to being successful to making money online.

What is a Work At Home Mum?

work at home mum, WAHM, earn money online, make money from home
A work at home mum (WAHM) is a phrase that is very common these days; to different people it can mean different things.

With so many ways mums can earn money from home the scale is broad.

As a WAHM myself I want to share the thoughts that have gone through my mind, the experiences I have had and the suggestions that I can offer to other mums who want to work from home, earn money from home and be a successful WAHM.

In your opinion, what is a work at home mum?

Can you spot a fake from a genuine item on eBay?

Fake, replica and counterfeit items are everywhere, and eBay is no exception.

In fact there are probably more items of this nature being sold on eBay because the crooks can almost get away with it.  We cannot 'see' them.

Everything from designer Louis Vuitton or Prada Handbags, to surfwear, watches and clothing are all potentially subject to being produced without the genuine labels.

To make sure you do not become their next victim, read all about how to spot a fake from a genuine item on eBay.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

What is an eBay Trading Assistant?

eBay trading assistant

Have you ever thought about making money from home on eBay? No, not from selling your own items, but by selling items for other people?

Yes, being an eBay trading assistant can be a very successful work from home business.  How do I know?  I am one. I have been for many years.

Let me share the secrets to becoming a successful eBay trading assistant with you.

The Official Announcement

It was on the 17th March 2012 that I embarked on this personal journey to write and publish hubs.  It was 6 days later on the 23rd March when this personal journey became a personal challenge.

100 hubs in 100 days.

On this same day I published a hub to inform the HubPages community about my challenge.

As I am a member of PlanBig, I decided the time was right to create a plan, advise the PlanBig community and have it set in stone.

Using social media to spread the word, I created a facebook page entitled '100 hubs in 100 days' and invited my friends and family to follow.

With the world watching and 6 hubs under my belt (ok I had a head start), the challenge began!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Unlock the eBay secrets

If you sell on eBay, and have a website for your business, you are missing out on potential sales if your website is not linked to eBay.

However did you know that you cannot knowingly add a link to your website when you list an item to sell.

So how do you capture sales on eBay with your website?

The answer is so easy it will shock you.  Not only is it legitimate but so clever you will kick yourself for not doing it earlier.

Unlock the eBay secrets today.

Misspelt items on eBay means bargains

misspelt items on eBay
People make spelling mistakes every day. What is most exciting, is that people make spelling mistakes on eBay.   Why would this be something to smile about?

Spelling mistakes on eBay listings means huge brand name bargains for us.   With these secrets you can find hidden gems on eBay that a regular item search would NEVER pick up.

Such a clever trick with so many opportunities.

Want to know more?  Read how to find and make money from misspelt items on eBay.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fear of Flying - a personal story

The panic sets in. You are stuck on an aeroplane 30,000 feet above sea level. You cannot escape. Now what?

This is fear of flying.  This is a common thought amongst those who fear flying and in my case, fear turbulence whilst flying.

As much as I don't want to talk about it as even the thought brings cold shivers, the tools I have learnt to take with me onboard an aeroplane need to be shared.  Hopefully I can help another conquer their fear of flying.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse
If you are lactose intolerant, finding decadent desserts that are super creamy (without the cream) is almost impossible.

Look no further.

Here is one of the most luxuriously delicious chocolate mousse recipes.

A dairy free chocolate mousse.

With just 4 simple ingredients, you can whip one up today.

Visit dairy free chocolate mousse for the full recipe.

Common Misused Words ~ Homophones

The English language certainly knows how to complicate things.  There are so many words that sound the same but are spelt differently, no wonder we struggle to get it right.

Unfortunately all too often we misuse words.  A discussion of the most common misused words has been gathered.

There is even a fun quiz to take.  Test yourself.

Do you get tricked by homophones?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

WAHMs on eBay

make money on eBay from home
Anyone wanting to make money from home knows it is a hard road. What to do? How to fit it in with the children? Will I succeed or fail?

Work at home mums (WAHMs) are growing in number every day and many are choosing eBay as the venue for their business.

As a WAHM myself with over 10 years experience on eBay, both buying and selling, as well as earning money as an eBay Trading Assistant, this hub shares the secrets on how to be a successful WAHM on eBay.

Read the full hub about WAHMs on eBay to unlock the eBay secrets.