What ever possesses someone to embark on a personal challenge is often a mystery. It certainly is in my case. Especially one that involves writing. Article writing. Or hub writing to be precise. But that's just what I did.

I was recently introduced to Hubpages. A revenue sharing website where the everyday person can write and publish original articles, hubs, for free, with the bonus of earning money.

Despite during my corporate days where endless pages of documentation was prepared, I have technically never written anything in the form of a hub. But I felt I had a lot to share.

I know a thing or two about eBay, having bought and sold thousands of items on it for over 10 years plus years of experience as an eBay Trading Assistant. Throw into the mix some pregnancy, baby and toddler experience and top it off with some work at home ideas.  I thought why not, I'll join up. So I did.

My HubPages pseudonym? WorkAtHomeMums

I began 'socialising' with the HubPages community via their forums and quickly noticed that there was a lot of discussion about the amount of money to be made; albeit slowly.

The more hubs one writes, the more money can be potentially earned.

However it is not that simple. Hubs need to be published on popular topics, or topics linked to keywords so to ensure they receive visitors.  So there were smarts to it.  It got me thinking. How could I ever write enough hubs, smart hubs, to start to earn money.

 A crazy idea sprung into my head.  I'll write 100 hubs in 100 days. 

Before it had even sunk in I was telling the world.  The more people I told the greater the chance I had of succeeding. How could I back out when everyone was watching!

  • I set up a facebook page and alerted my friends and family about my new challenge.  
  • I created a plan on PlanBig.
  • I wrote and published a hub on the very topic.
  • And I announced it in the HubPages forum.
Boy was I crazy or what!

There is was, set in stone.

This website is here to house every one of my 100 hubs as they are published.  From here, you can read any or all of the hubs directly on HubPages.

Read my reviews, my advice, my recommendations, my insights and my personal stories.

Wish me luck! See you on the other side of 100 (hubs that is).

Want to join me?

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