Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I've been bitten by Mr Google

Well it seems that I have been bitten.  Mr Google has come along and with his latest algorithm changes have bitten me on the backside and now I'm suffering.

My once easily seen hubs in google have disappeared into oblivion.  Some say I am in the sandbox or is it sandpit? Regardless, I am there but not 'there'. Unless you visit my hubs directly via a link you will never find me.

This brings with it many concerns.

Firstly...I am on a challenge as you all know, to write 100 hubs in 100 days.  So what does this mean to my challenge?

Being 'hidden' as you say can mean that my hubs will not be read by the masses (OK there were not masses but I have had over 4,000 views to date of my 50 hubs so that's not bad, and most were google driven).  If people cannot see me in google, then is there still a point to it all?

Well yes I am enjoying writing however I am feeling rather low at the moment.  If I am still to write my remaining hubs where should I publish them? Should I write them and continue to publish in HubPages as normal even though I am not 'seen' or should I just write them here (where I am not seen really either)?

Dilemmas Dilemmas

I am not one to walk away from my challenges.  If I hadn't announced to the world that I was on this challenge I probably would stop what I was doing whilst I decided my next plan of attack however I now have this looming deadline.

Oh what to do??

I'd love some input please.

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